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    The shelter staff said they do this ALL DAY

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    This right here is a fucking hundred twenty-eighth note or semihemidemisemiquaver or quasihemidemisemiquaver notes. Beethoven decided to just go ahead and invent these little shits which you play 1/128 the length of a whole note. In non music terms, hella fast. Like 10x the speed of fuck. Not even that, these fuckers were only used in one piece by Beethoven and rarely show up in any other music. So they’re the most useless fuckers ever also. NOT ONLY THAT but they do actually use 132 note rests(rarely), which shouldn’t even be counted. You can pretty much skip it. Its like playing a note super staccato. They are the most fucking useless rests ever. Wtfg Beethoven. You created the most useless fucking note on the planet. I hope your mother’s proud(not that you could hear her if she was).

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    "Grandma say cheese …"

    This Is so cute.

    my artpop can mean anything

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    Yeah, that sounds about right.

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